Sporter AKM-47 style rifle
Hellpup AKM-47 stype pistol
PPS43-C pistol


[PL wersja] At Pioneer Arms, we combine advanced computer design and modern machining with the finest traditional gunsmith methods of the past.  Our highly evolved and engineered firearms are built in the famed factory town of Radom, Poland, home to the national arsenal that produced the model Vis 35 “Radom” pistol used by Poland and later on by Nazi Germany in WWII. Is still a Polish arms-producing center.
All of our gun parts are fabricated entirely in our own factory.  This ensures the quality we demand, and allows us to exercise full control over the entire building process. We closely monitor every stage of production, from cut timber and solid steel to the finished product. 
Our company has been awarded and maintains Quality Management System ISO 9001:2009 certification


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